Nokia 6630 Games

    You probably use your cell phone just to communicate with others, but it’s time you consider its fun uses by installing Nokia 6630 Games in your set. The following game that is a part of Nokia 6630 Games will simply overcome you with interest!

    Command and Conquer RED ALERT Mobile Mobile
    When you subscribe to this game, you will have to employ strategic command and control. Conquer action as the over-the-top action of Red Alert comes to your set. The cold war between Russia and America is relived in this game. You either have take sides with Soviet Forces in their quest for global domination in this comprehensive storyline or you should form allies with the Americans to bring peace to this world. You have at your disposal classic war units as well as latest ones as the Paladin Tank. Once you get hooked onto Red Alert, you will become a fan for a long time. The game will live up to your expectations of the standard and quality which you want from the command and conquer franchise. The fact that it’s programmed on a tiny screen will not make you disappointed.

    Though the sound of this game is not the best part, but it will definitely grab your attention. Graphics aren’t of PC or PS3 level but you will be guaranteed to get quite nice looking visuals that will more than just please you! The unit and building are quite visible for you. You might lose sight of a unit behind a building, but the unabridged version of the game will ensure otherwise. Even with the regular game, how you control the game can also guarantee you a full view in all situations. The game becomes clearer and more intuitive if you play it longer, so do not let go at the start especially if you are a fan of the original Command & Conquer games. Nokia 6630 Games are for you, so just get subscribed!