Nokia 6600 Games

    When your mood is low and when you feel you need you a little cheering up, you should try installing Nokia 6600 Games on your mobile phone. A wide range of Nokia 6600 Games are there that will make a thrill-seeker out of you! Here are some of those games:

    Treasure Grab Mobile Game
    You may not have ever dreamt of becoming a master thief like Robin Hood. When you play this game, you will find yourself falling on the wrong track of life and proving your skills. This game lets you pick targets, perplex guards, blast locks, upset nobles and get away with stuff that is locked up. You can run with all the wealth in your sack while being disguised or being invisible to confuse the guards. The nights are for you to rule, once you decide how to carry out your stunts.
    Townsmen 6 - Revolution Mobile Game
    French Revolution was very real and now you can be a part of it too. Provoke the public into revolution and storm towards Paris to overthrow King Louis. You have to create villages by conquering France’s departments and achieve the goals set for you. Build up an economic activity by constructing buildings as fishing cottages, bakeries, forges or farms. Harvest fields, lure the fish, gather water resources in the process utilizing the many natural resources to build up your operations. The French terrain is yours, so develop your buildings and find ways to enhance output. You have to assign different roles to your Townies in order to manage your domain in the very effective manner. Just be respectful to their needs though so that they keep performing. Train your armed forces and bring them to the level where they can take on the royal troops. The King’s wrath should be feared though! He might order his men to strike at your forces and to subdue your villages. You have to prepare for that assault so gather your forces and defend yourself well. With real planning, The Townettes have to be shown that your men are real Townsmen.These and the many games are there for you, so get Nokia 6600 Games installed in your mobile at your earliest!