Nokia 6230I Games

    Nokia has a knack for designing some of the coolest phones around. The Finnish company has always been ahead of everyone else when it comes to technological advancements in the mobile world and this is evident by the fact that they produce a market leading product every few years. Nokia was the first company to come up with the “N–Series” phones that would act as communicators and email devices. They also brought the concept of business mobile use to the mainstream. Recently, Nokia had market leaders like the N95 and the E series while there first every major success was the 3310. In the middle somewhere, just when color display screens were becoming available, Nokia managed to release an epic mobile phone called the Nokia 6230i.

    The 6230i was the phone that had it all. Every technology available at the time was implemented in the 6230i. With the latest 65K color screen, wireless connectivity options including Bluetooth, infrared, edge and GPRS, a 1.3 MP camera that could make videos too and also one of the first phones to hold a memory card. You could also now play MP3 files and videos on your phone while there was an option to download games too.

    The downloadable games option is what makes the 6230i so special and a cut above others at the time. When the phone came out in 2005, the only options you had in a phone as far as gaming was concerned were the built in games. While the built-in games weren’t always boring, they still gave you a limited set of options when it came to entertainment. The fact that you can download games into the 6230i coupled with the fact that we have the most amazing selection of 6230i Games that work on your phone makes for a great entertainment deal.

    Whether you’re into fighter jets or racing cars, you can find something to get your thumbs wiggling here. The enhanced color display and stereo sound of the 6230i make sure you get the greatest gaming experience while the memory card will let you store a massive number of games to play. Just take your pick of the best 6230i Games and you’ll be shooting those aliens in no time!