Fashion In Detail

    Gone are the times when fashion was only meant for the people in media. With the increase of fashion schools opening in South Asia, this perception is changing. Individuals of all ages are getting more aware of the fashion trends around the country. Young girls and boys now have their own preferences about their clothes. In 2015, the fashion trends in dresses are very unique and different from the ones people have been following previously. The cuts and colors are generally inspired by the ongoing trends at the international level.

    Good news for the girls is that the new fashion dresses focus highly on comfort and practicality. The lengths of the dresses have decreased, making them less fussy to carry. In casual dresses, the focus is more on the cuts, rather than on print. If the style of the dress is chic, the print does not matter. Say goodbye to your baggy trousers, and make way for sleek, straight pants. Tights are still in fashion, however with slightly longer shirts. In formal or party dresses, longer lengths are still common, provided that the design is trendy.

    Colors play a huge role in the latest fashion trends. Brighten up the dull winters with vibrant neon colors. Fuscia pinks, neon greens, bold oranges and electric blues are in high demand. The designers play with unique color combinations, making the dress stand out in a crowd. Even bridal dresses nowadays involve various shades of purple, green and blue instead of the typical reds and pinks.

    One rule of thumb for all the fashion conscious people is that when choosing clothes, you should always keep in mind what suits your body and skin type. If a style is in fashion, it does not guarantee that it will look good on you. So here are a few fashion tips for girls to consider before trying out a new fashion trend:

    Would the style look good on my height and frame of body?
    If a tall model on the billboard is looking hot in flared pants, it does not mean that the pants would have the same effect on petite bodies as well. Some styles are simply better suited for certain body shapes. Select the one which complements our body type the most.

    What color suits my complexion?
    The color gold would shine on women who have a fair complexion with pink undertones. However, silver would enhance the luminosity of medium to dark skinned women.

    Does the clothing style suit your personality?
    Believe it or not, your styles of clothes have a great impact on the impression others have of you. Collared shirts, straight cuts and bronze colors would make you look serious; however, bright, cheerful colors would make you look like a fun, chirpy person.

    How long is the trend going to last?
    Some trends fade away within weeks because of their impracticality. Make sure that the fashion you are investing in lasts for a reasonable while.

    Having an admirable sense of style involves combining it with your height, skin and eye color, body shape, age, hair color and personality. Most importantly, simply be yourself!