Facebook Covers

    As of the latest research by PEW Research Center, Facebook is by far the most popular active social media website. When it comes to usage, more than 71% people prefer it over Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

    The use of Facebook is not just restricted to as a medium of communication between friends for sharing pictures and having a chit chat with them. Nowadays it is considered as one of the most credible platforms for advertisement by companies. Be it jobs, services or any product, Facebook due to its global reach has become the easiest way to market.

    Every Facebook page has features like profile cover photos and timeline covers that are viewable by everyone and are perfect for sending out a message to massive audience. Companies/Businesses often have their name and logos in cover photos and use the timeline cover photos for their brands/services etc.

    Users make their profiles colorful by putting up Facebook Covers of choice. It entirely depends on the preference of the user. A literary person would prefer to put up quotes as Facebook Cover and probably quotations from books or famous authors as Facebook Timeline Covers. While a movie lover will put up a picture of his favorite actor as a Facebook cover and probably news about the latest movies on his timeline. Similarly sports fan puts up a picture of his favorite player and use the timeline for match updates for the game of his choice. Teenage girls would like to put up pictures of their favorite actresses as covers and tag photos of dresses, hairstyles or makeup tutorials on their timelines so that they can be viewed by their friends.

    This social networking website has its privacy policy that gives an option to customize what people can see on your timeline but Facebook Cover Photos are visible to everyone.

    When it comes to choosing pictures for Facebook covers, there is a huge library of photos available on different websites.You have to select them carefully because these images can be seen by everyone. They are easy to download and can be uploaded quickly as well.

    So, download Facebook Covers of your choice and customize your profile by uploading bright and colorful pictures. With these photos, now the world can view your interests with just a click.