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    Life is a fantasy in many ways and what better ways to live this fantasy then play a mega game like Mega Running.

    Rush to save Rufus, the mega legend as he makes the final dash for his life. What, you have not been introduced to Rufus, the mega legend yet? Well rush right in and meet our dashing mobile game character Rufus, the mega legend. He is our legendary character who just can’t stop messing with anything that comes his way. And since Rufus the mega legend is restless he dashes himself into trouble. Things really get out of control when one day Rufus the mega legend plans to emulate the transformers, all set to hunt down his enemy in the kingdom. T.rex is a despicable character and the biggest bully of the kingdom wants to make everyone else his minions . It’s a deadly kingdom where your favorite Rufus the legend will run for his life, if he does not jump and save him from the mighty claws and teeth of T.rex, this may be his final run.
    You wouldn’t believe it folks that this running expedition was assigned to Rufus the mega legend only as a dare; to test his bravery and how high he could jump. While it was a challenge given to him by the kingdom nobody actually wanted to become the minion. But Rufus the legend did and rushed going for the kill.

    He doesn’t need to become a kill - it is you, the real hero, taking on the mighty T.rex. You need to run, jump and duck to be the legend on the leader board. Rush to get the fantastic Mega Running today and jump to the top beating your pals!

    Trying his best to run out the despicable beast, Rufus the mega legend would require your help to save himself from being a minion and make a final dash for it. There is also a special Pterosaur pet of this legend - Tutu. The bird is always there to help his master as he makes hopefully not a final run for his life.

    Jump higher and get hold of this creature to enjoy a super dash. The super dash lasts for some time, after which the character loses the hold of the bird. You can also upload your top score online and see if you can manage to become a legend and rush him out of trouble for the final time. Good news, this is not the final version there will be updates – lots of them! So be sure to keep a lookout for all the things that are going to be added to your new favorite fantasy game. This pocket edition is going to get you hooked (if you thought that the last mobile game you played got you hooked, wait till you play this one). Mega Running is here to become your fantasy favorite pocket edition for sure!

    What's New:

    Improved Stability.

    Tutorial Added.



    Download via Tomasha:

    Size: 16M
    Updated: 13 September 2013
    Current Version: 1.6
    Requires Android: 2.2 and up
    Installs: 100,000 - 500,000

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