System Stats Wallpaper & Widget Android Apk



    New with this release: Widgets.
    Want a live wallpaper that shows you various system status?
    A Processor usage live wallpaper?
    A Wifi, and Cellular data live wallpaper?
    A Memory, or RAM live wallpaper?
    A Logcat live wallpaper?

    Why not have them all in one?

    System Stats Live Wallpaper lets you use WiFi, Cellular, CPU, RAM usage stats and a (or several) logcat all on the same screen, arranged and customized however you wish.

    •Tracks CPU, RAM, WIFI and Cellular Data, and the system log (more stats coming soon)
    •Vote for which new features get added next and suggest new features to vote on
    •Highly customizable
    •Multicore CPU support
    •Logcat supports use of multiple RegEx filters simultaneously
    •Logcat lines are color-coded by log error level (colors
    •Supports multiple layouts and lets you switch between them by double tapping
    •Scrollable logcat that can be halted for easy reading
    •13 fonts to choose from
    •data collection is efficient, leaving more CPU for your games or other apps
    •Can report on internals the fastest of any perpetual resource tracking app on the market (up to 8 updates per second)
    •Can aggregate and report on over 6 months worth of data
    Built-in layout editor so you can customize your layouts on the go.
    Coming Soon: Dynamic Labels, Layout Sharing (import/export/send), Battery Stats, More Graph Options, Website, and some Documentation.

    Don't see the feature you want in that list? Ask for it. With the exception of Dynamic Labels, all of the soon to be introduced features were suggested by users like yourself.
    Got any other comments or complaints? Send me an Email.

    Q: This wallpaper seems to use a lot of CPU. I thought you said it was efficient?
    A: It is, but not at drawing, which only happens when you are looking at the home screen. So under normal usage cases it's very efficient over 99% of the time.

    Q: I like System Status Live Wallpaper, or SeePU better cause of feature X. Are you going to add feature X?
    A: If anyone wants feature X, just let me know and it will probably happen. The more people ask, the more important I know it is, and the more I'll prioritize it over other features.

    Whats New:


    *enabled log on Jelly Bean (requires root)

    *fixed text placement issue on graphs

    *fixed thunderbolt cell stats

    *fix multicore stats not working on some devices

    *several performance improvements

    *other bug fixes

    *bug fix



    *per core cpu usage stats (up to 4 cores)

    *Thunberbolt support

    *many bug fixes

    *several user interface improvements

    *added launcher to free version



    Download via Tomasha:
    download button System Stats Wallpaper/Widget

    Size: 338k
    Updated: 8 December 2012
    Current Version: 0.6.1
    Requires Android: 2.1 and up
    Installs: 50,000 - 100,000

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