Android Games In Detail

    Unveiled in late 2007, and released officially in September 2008, the android operating system has taken the world by storm. Its massive exponential growth, heralded by innovation and improvement, and the backing of powerhouse such as Google, is simply staggering. The statistics speak for themselves; as of November 2013, there are almost 900, 000 apps on the android market, and these apps have been downloaded more than 48 billion times on various smart devices. So there is no doubt about the fact that the android revolution is here, and it is in full swing. In just five years the android app market has become one of the biggest and most lucrative markets in the world.

    As the android market grows, more and more innovative applications are being developed. From simple touch screen lighters to complex torrent clients, the everyday android application has become an integral part of the smart device experience. So how do you get these apps?

    There are two ways to download and install android applications on a smart device. Firstly they can be downloaded from various app stores, like Google Play or the Amazon Appstore. The only problem with installing apps directly from app markets like this is that everything is automated and the user does not really get to know what the extension of the file is, and where it is being downloaded too. They essentially lose control.

    The second way users can get android apps is by downloading the app's android APK file from reliable third party websites, like The APK file (application package file) is the file used to install and distribute an app's software onto an android device's management system.

    The android apps download option is a more convenient method of downloading applications, fothey know exactly where the app is stored on their phones and what the extension of the file is. The second major benefit of using APK files is that they allow users to download previous versions of apps, which are no lonr two main reasons. Firstly, it allows the user to manually install their apps, and ger available on the various android markets. This is important because most apps on the app markets are regularly updated, and their new versions require the latest android Operating System (OS) for them to run. So users can simply download the app's APK file of the version that their device can support.

    So make your smart device experience all the more fun, and enjoy access to the thousands of applications that are available online, and download them via our website. You can download free games for android, amazing media players, engrossing puzzle games, interactive maps, and a plethora of other highly interesting and entertaining apps.