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    Campatible Lg Phones

    KB770 KP500 KC780 KF900 KS500 KM330 GM310 GB130 KT770 GB102
    GB220 GB250 KC910 GM730 KM900 KC560 GM200 GB210 KS660 GD330

    GB230 GD900 GT505 GB270 GM750 CF360 GD510 GU285 GU230 GD710
    GS200 GD580 KS360 KF311 KP270 CB360 KP265 KP260 KF390 KF245

    KF240 KC550 KF750 KF755 KF700 KF600 KF510 KP320 KT520 KM710
    KF310 KP220 KU385 KU380 KG290 KG288 KE590 KG280 KU580 BL20